About Us

Myfirsthomeltd originated from our experience in the purchase of our first home. We found the entire buying process daunting, complicated and stressful.

Myfirsthomeltd has been founded with a commitment to assist and empower ALL home buyers. The first-time buyers may appear to be a ‘dying breed’ amongst property purchasers, never-the-less an essential contributor to the housing market.

Myfirsthomeltd is an independent and privately held online website property company, whose aim is to become an intermediary between the professional providers within the property market and home purchasers.

Our objective includes giving further coverage and knowledge, concerning the differing roles within the industry. Whilst demonstrating how they relate and complement each other in the property market.

We work alongside Housing Associations, House Builders, Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors, Accountants, Economists, Professionals in Media, Marketing, Sales and Research.

Not just the place where you live but also almost certainly your single largest financial investment, buying your first home is a process worth enjoying and getting right.

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