Corner Protection And Building Upkeep In Well-Used Places

corner protection  – We are always looking for ways to save money when it comes to building maintenance because annual bills can be a considerable amount. Walls are one of the main areas in which money is wasted on regular maintenance work whether that is re-painting, filling or filing. The worst things that happen to walls is loose tiles, chipped plaster and sharp corners which building managers are on the lookout for.

corner protection


Not only because they are unsightly but because they can cause harm to people who walk past them. Corner protection, plastic wall paneling and bump rails are some of the ways in which we can reduce the amount of money spent every year on maintaining the interior of out buildings.

many buildings experience very high volumes of traffic on a day to day basis including supermarkets, hospitals, schools and offices. As well as people, machinery and equipment also moves through the corridors, like wheelchairs, trolleys and hospital beds. When people or these movable object hit the corners of buildings there can often be a lot of damage done to the structure of the wall as plaster chips off and paintwork becomes unsightly. When corner protection is not in use, this can lead to expensive repair work by the building’s maintenance staff or contracted laborers.



You can use protective angles to absorb any impact on the corners and prevent damage from being done to the walls underneath. Material which absorb impact and do not get defaced are PVC u like Vinyl ac. This means that not only do they save the corner from damage, but the impact does not lower the quality of the corner protection itself. A guarantee should cover any defects or poor performance for a few years so there will be no annual replacements.

The color, finish and size of corner protection you choose can be tailor made to your needs. The most common angles in most buildings is 90.


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