First US $billion Dollar Home In The World

The ordinary person would be blown away when given news that property can be bought for US $10million, $30million, $60million, $100million. But this is small change when it comes to a property owned by Mukesh Ambani, which is estimated to cost close to US $2billion.

The home, if you can call it this, is a 27-storey block, reaching up 550 feet high and boasting 400,000 square feet of interior living. The owner Mukesh Ambani is head of India-based petrochemical giant Reliance Industries.

Reliance is India’s largest private sector conglomerate (and second largest overall) with an annual turnover of US $35.9billion and a profit of US $4.85billion for the fiscal year ending in March 2008.

The home called ‘Antilla’ is a home with a difference. Apart from the price tag, no two floors are alike, with the artistic and design concept based on a blend of styles with architectural elements to give spaces a consistent feel without repetition.


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