Indian Real Estate Boom Set To Continue

India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies will continue to witness growth in its real estate sector according to a report by Deutsche Bank. The findings said that the long-term growth prospects remain very good.

The report titled “Real Estate Investments In China and In: Big Returns In Big Countries?” remarked growth in the cities and urban areas will show significant increases and is forecasting the situation to remain that way for number of years to come.

An important contributor to this real estate boom is the increasing growth of the urban population. India is projected to increase its population by 55 per cent by 2050. Another driving factor is the anticipated rising population of ‘working age.’ The working age population in India is predicted to reach over 65 per cent by 2050.

Presently supply is not keeping up with demand for affordable housing, despite the real estate sector attracting foreign investors and investment.


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