Learning the Right Way

right and wrong way – When we were still a child, we were taught at home and at school about the differences between right and wrong. And at those early years, we perceived that doing right things is good and therefore renders a good result. On the other hand, we see that doing something bad will eventually result to a dilemma or that something awful will follow. But the ironic thing here is that, the moment we grow older, the more we see things in vaguely. We tend to do a lot more wrong decisions. Even sometimes, we do something bad even though if perceived it as something not accepted in the society. Good thing here is that though we commit many mistakes, we still try to improve ourselves, giving way to the development of a more civilized society. We embrace the reality and the nature of life and somehow we do modifications that will guide us not to do the same mistakes again.

right and wrong way

This reality is way too common in buying a house. Most of the times, when we really wanted to own something, we hardly give up. We struggle to fulfill it. We even plan ahead and somehow our plans are better. But then, ironic it may seem, when we got the chance to fulfill it, we suddenly divert our attentions to those that are least important. At one point, we are done setting our goals; we have the urge to make our dreams come true, and simply couldn’t take a failure. In buying a house, for example, while still planning, we are already sure of what we want. But then suddenly, when the lists of properties available are already in our grasp, we are then confused of what we really need and what we really need. It is like we torn between two collapsing walls.

Apart from that, there are times that we even forget to consider our budget. When we are in a rush to buy a house for some reasons, we tend to set aside our budget and just choose a house that is far too expensive than what we could afford. In fact, we seem to consider only the short-term scenario it would bring to us. Of course, no one ever be too shy to flaunt a house that is twice or thrice bigger than what we just need. Aside from glory and feeling of superiority, having owned a “bigger wealth” is one way of uplifting our self confidence. At some point, we even think that only expensive things offer comfort and convenience; that expensive houses are quality houses. And then, as days go buy, we will than realize how badly we make that decision. We ended up running from one pawn shop to the other; desperate to pawn or sell any valuable items like jewelries just to have enough money to pay the increasing debts in the bank. And as ill luck would have it, the pretty, highly sophisticated house in the outside is merely like an empty box in the inside.

You see, even in buying house, it takes time for you to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. You don’t need to rush everything because anything that is made in an instant would be gone in an instant. Take your time, because every wrong move means failure.

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