Proper Cleaning Tips for Beautiful Tile Floor

cleaning tips-One of the most tricky types of flooring to clean is tile flooring. Proper care and cleaning for your tile flooring is a task that is quite hard to do although the advantages it offers is definitely beneficial. There are general rules and those specific to different types of tiles such as Victorian ceramic tiles.



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Proper maintenance and cleaning is an essential to keep your tile flooring at its best. It would be a shame to lose the beauty of your terra cotta tile flooring because you so not take care of them. Also, having clean tile flooring will impose safety from any accidents and harms regarding health and sanitation. If you want to keep your Saltillo floor tiles looking their best then follow the tips below.

Properly Cleaning Tile Flooring

When cleaning ceramic tile flooring, the very first thing you need to consider is the dirt present that you need to clean. Knowing what to clean and how to clean it is essential so that you won’t need to waste too much time and effort when cleaning.

Liquid Spills

Spills from any form of liquid are the easiest to clean when done at once. All you need is a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe off the liquid. If a much denser and colored liquid gets spilled on tile flooring, you might need to do a little scrubbing to remove the stain it causes. In order to avoid acquiring ugly stains that are quite hard to remove, just remember that you need to wipe off the liquid as soon as possible.

Mud and Dirt

Mud and dirt is also very easy to clean. All you need to use is a bucketful of water, mild soap or detergent, dry cloth, and a handy mop to wipe off the mud and dirt. Make sure that you mop the tile flooring well and mud and dirt is cleaned well. It is also important that you wipe your tile flooring dry after cleaning to avoid having slippery floors. Being ready with the essential cleaning materials for mud and dirt is important since tile flooring is commonly victimized by this.

Dirty Grout Lines

When left unclean for a long time, dirty grout lines will be the hardest parts of tile flooring that you will need to clean. To efficiently clean these grout lines, you will need a strong cleanser and detergent and a stiff brush to scrub the grout off effectively.

The use of strong acid base cleaners is advisable since it causes the thinning of the tiles and the grouts which also discolors. As much as possible, you need to check the ingredients list of the cleaners you will be using so that you are assured that the cleaner you will be using will not damage your tile flooring.

Alternative Tile Flooring Cleaning Ideas You Can Try


There are a lot of different tile flooring cleaning ideas that you can try. The alternatives available can be easily done at home and these alternatives are cheaper than most commercial brands that are available.

Vinegar is an alternative acid that you can make use of to effectively clean tile flooring. All you need to do is mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of clean water to effectively use it as a mild cleaner for unwanted grime and stains.

A combination of ammonia and mild detergent will also work well to effectively clean your tile flooring. Half cups of both ammonia and detergent will also be effective in cleaning grime and dirt.

These cleaning ideas for your tile flooring are effective and easy to follow; moreover, it is advised that you regularly clean and maintain your tile flooring so that you won’t have any hard time cleaning your tile flooring.


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