What Type Of Mower Is Best

Lawn mowers are broken down into 2 basic categories- reel mowers and rotary mowers. The 1st reel lawn mower was created by an english engineer by the name of Edwin Budding in 1830. The rotary lawn mower was invented in 1933 by a company called Power Specialties of England. to figure out which kind of mower is most suited for you, it’s vital to have a look at what both have to give. Read on

The Reel Lawn Mower

Reel lawn mowers are made from blades that turn around on a cylinder. As the name indicates, the blades are called a reel. Itis the reel that cuts the grass, graszoden in Dutch. Some reel mowers have to be manually pushed by a person to work while others have an engine.

The reel mower has rotating blades that connect to a still bar that lies parallel to the ground below. As the mower is pushed forward, the blades and the bar ( known as a bed knife ) make contact with each other. Itis the bed knife that makes the grass stand upright so that it can be cut by the blades. The reel mower is typically called having a shearing action and can be adjusted to chop grass that is of varying heights.

It is thanks to the shearing action that reel mowers can cut to a shorter length than can rotary mowers. The cut is also much cleaner. For example, reel lawn mowers are used on golf courses vs rotary mowers for this very reason. The grass clippings from a reel mower tend to be finer than most rotary mowers, with the exception of special mulching rotary lawn mowers.

The bed knife of a reel mower must be altered accordingly in order to cut the grass in the correct way. The grass will not be cut very well if the bed knife is either too close to the blades or too far away. Fixing the bed knife is typically a easy task to perform.

The Rotary Lawn Mower

Rotary lawn mowers on the other hand are as agreed by the engine’s speed. The engine of a rotary mower is on a housing called a deck. The shaft of the engine goes through the deck and the blade that cuts the grass is carefully attached with a bolt to the bottom of the shaft. It sounds more complicated than it is. The underside of the deck is there to protect the individual using it from being wounded by the blade. The bottom is also there to be sure that the grass is lifted up as it is meant to be.

Traditional rotary lawn mowers have given way to a selection of rotary mulching lawn mower thatis excellent at cutting grass into very good bits. A few of these mulching lawn mowers are made with a single blade while others have 2 blades. The majority of the newer rotary mowers have 2 blades.

Rotary lawn mowers work best on grass that is long but donot tend to cut as cleanly or as evenly as do their manual opposite numbers, the previously mentioned reel mowers. The spinning blade of a rotary mower has the bias to bend the grass as it goes over it that means that some pieces of grass remain standing while the rest is cut.

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